Now You Can Earn Lakhs Every Year By Playing Pokemon GO Game In India ! !


Pokemon Go game has been on rise ever since its launch and hasn’t looked back since then. The game’s popularity is going on rise and every single person on Internet is talking about it. All those people from 90s are again feeling nostalgic about this game and many people are chasing after their dreams to become a POKEMON TRAINER.

Recently we published an article where a person left his job just so as to become a Pokemon Hunter. After the article was shared on our Facebook page, many of you were curious and even criticized his decisions which were quite relevant.

It is not that easy to feed yourself and your family just on the basis of a profession like ‘POKEMON HUNTER’ which is technically not even a profession in the real world. No one in real world will offer you to stay over their place for a night and neither won’t you accept the offer with such an innocence.

But now these problems might get solved as a Job Portal company whose name is ‘BABAJOB DOT COM’ has come out with a job which asks you to be a Pokemon Catcher/Hunter. Pretty Cool, RIGHT ?All-jobs-in-Bangalore-Babajob-600x142

Now lets me show you the job ads which are promising to pay you 25 freaking thousand per month.All-jobs-in-Bangalore-Babajob-1-600x377

Apart from offering this interesting new job of Pokemon Hunting. this website also offer other popular jobs like drivers, maids, delivery boys. The job portal already has around 7 million job seekers, and over 4,00,000 employees.

Sean Blagsvedt, The Founder & CEO of is himself a Pokemon GO game addict and a Level 2 Pokemon Handler.



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