US President Donald Trump has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons ever since he came to power. Recently, pictures of him in a bathrobe went viral after White House press secretary said that he doesn’t own one. People flooded the Internet with “Donald Trump bathrobe” photos. Trump is as famous in India as he is in the US. His memes and comments often find their way to desi social media. And this time, none other than veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has indulged in some cheekiness at the expense of the President.

The actor shared a gif of Trump wherein he is making faces. Kapoor asked his followers if the gif reminds them of an actor. There were obviously no prizes for guesses because it’s clear. “Ye kis actor ki yaad dila rahen hain aap ko? No prize for guesses!!!” he wrote.

Surprisingly, people started commenting and it reminded them of many actors including Rajesh Hamal, Raj Kapoor, and even Akshay Kumar. But that’s clearly the great and late Dev Anand (we think so!). Didn’t his name immediately take you to his famous style of acting and his quintessential cap. While many couldn’t guess, those who could, reminisced about the actor.

But are we wrong? Is he talking about himself or the late Raj Kapoor? What do you think? Check it out and tell us.


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