There are flexible singers after which there is Dhinchak Pooja. A selfie song is taking internet through storm and if you have not heard approximately it simply yet, then be organized to get hit through a storm.
Dhinchak Pooja is India’s solution to Pakistan’s Taher Shah. Pooja’s ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’ is stuffed via lyrics which make no feel, track which has no song and a voice a good way to make your pores and skin move slowly.

but no! The song remains going viral with jokes and memes made on it.
The female Dhinchak Pooja is visible within the video taking selfies and driving around in fancy automobile in an extended 2.16 minute recoil worthy video.
This isn’t always the first song Shinchak Pooja has include. Her first song ‘Swag wali Topi’ which released in 2015 is painful to pay attention and to top it, her 2016 music ‘Daru’ is going one step in addition.
The video which was uploaded on may additionally 14 has now greater than 53 lakh views which also makes us surprise the wide variety of people who’ve clearly sat all the way down to see the complete video.


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